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Rules of the KIDCOIN loyalty program

Educational platform KIDCOIN invites you to join the Kidcoin loyalty program, the rules of which are set out below. You can join our loyalty program at any time during its validity period. 

1. Terms and definitions 

1.1. In the present Program, terms written with a capital letter have the following meaning: 

1.1.1. Kidcoins are settlement units used by the Operator and Participants for the purposes of participation in the Program. Kidcoin includes Kidcoin tokens and Kidkoin points. 

1.1.2. Kidcoin points are incentives used to obtain Benefits in the loyalty program of the Plaftorm. 

1.1.3.Kidcoin token is the right of the claim to the Operator for Accrual of Kidcoin points to the participant's Account in the loyalty Program. Kidcoin tokens are issued in the format of a unique electronic record created using mathematical algorithms of the blockchain. 

    .       1.1.4.  Partnership Agreement is an agreement between the Operator and the Program Partner, regulating the procedure, terms and conditions of the Partner's participation in the Program. 

    .       1.1.5.  Accrual of kidcoin points or Accrual is the accrual of kidcoin points by the Operator to the Account. 

    .       1.1.6.  Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points is the accrual by the Operator kidcoin-points to the Buyer's Account based on the results of informing the Partner of the Program for the purchase of educational content by the Buyer from such a Partner of the Program through the KIDCOIN platform, which is carried out as an incentive measure, stimulating Buyer for further purchase by the Buyer of courses and master classes and evaluating customer loyalty. 

    .       1.1.7.  Operator: INGEO-FORT D.O.O., Mediteranska 3, 84390, Herceg Novi, Montenegro. PIB 03009386

1.1.8. Program Partner or Partner means any individual entrepreneur, individual or legal entity,which concluded a Partnership Agreement with the Operator and provides educational services of materials on the KIDCOIN platform on the Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points and/or provides Buyers with the Benefits of the Program. 

1.1.9. The Buyer means any person who has been registered in an educational program in order to receive its Benefits when purchasing Goods from Partners. 

1.1.10. Purchase means the purchase of Goods by the Buyer from the Partner of the Program through the KIDCOIN platform. Maximum Purchase amount in bonus points for some partners (group of partners) could be limited. The restriction is determined by a separate bilateral agreement or an accession agreement (offer). 

1.1.11. Rules mean these rules of the Kidcoin Loyalty Program, which define the conditions and procedure for participation of Participants in the Program. 1.1.12. Advantage is an incentive according to which the Program Partner provides, on its own initiative and at its own discretion, the opportunity for the Buyer to purchase educational courses (Product) with a discount using kidcoin points by Debiting kidcoin points. 

1.1.13. Purchase of kidcoin tokens is the purchase of kidcoin tokens from the Operator of the educational platform "KIDCOIN". 

1.1.14.The Program is a real Kidcoin loyalty program, as a result of participation in which and under certain conditions The Buyer acquires the opportunity to receive Benefits in accordance with these Rules. 

1.1.15. The Registration Data is the information provided by the Participant during and for the purposes of Registration, including personal data of the Participant which are used by the Participant to access their Account. The Operator has the right to request from the Participant copies of documents confirming the information specified during registration. 

1.1.16. The Registration is a set of actions to join a Participant in the Program. 

1.1.17. Euro is the currency of Montenegro. 

1.1.18. Program Website is a section of the Program on the Internet site located at:
1.1.19. Write-off of kidcoin points or Write—off means the use of kidcoin points available to the Buyer in order to obtain an Advantage. 

1.1.20. Product Price is the price of the Goods that the Participant would have to pay for the Goods when purchasing the Goods without taking into account the Advantages. 

1.1.21. Technological Accounting Tool — KIDCOIN educational platform, allowing you to store and account for kidcoin tokens.
1.1.22. Product means an object of civil rights (including work, service) intended for sale, exchange or other introduction into circulation. 

1.1.23. Notification is the information, including advertising content, transmitted to the Buyer by mobile phone, e-mailе 

or by another method specified by the Buyer during registration.
1.1.24. Participant means any of the Program Partners or Customers̆. 

1.1.25. Account is the system of accounting for kidcoin points of a Participant in the Program.
1.1.26. Program Accounting system is a set of technical solutions of the educational platform that ensure the registration of bonus points of Participants in the Loyalty Program.
1.2. Further in these Rules: 

    .       1.2.1.  references to the Rules, unless the context otherwise implies, mean references to these Rules, subject to possible amendments, changes or additions; 

    .       1.2.2.  references to Program Partner means references to any Program Partner participating in the Program; 

    .       1.2.3.  a; reference to a paragraph or section, except in cases where this link is followed by a link to a specific document, is a reference to the corresponding paragraph or section of these Rules. 

2. How to become a Member 

    .       2.1.  A participant can become: 

                .       2.1.1.  any private person who is 18 (eighteen) years old at the time of Registration; 

                .       2.1.2.  any individual entrepreneur; 

                .       2.1.3.  any private person. 

3. Registration in the Program 

    .       3.1.  To participate in the Program, you have to register using one of the methods indicated on the program's Website (Join the Program). 

    .       3.2.  A Participant of the Program can be registered as a Partner of the Program and as a Buyer at the same time. 

    .       3.3.  The Participant independently controls the maintenance of Registration Data up to date. If the Registration Data is changed, the Participant within 5 (five) calendar days, from the moment of the corresponding change, he must inform the Operator about it, by calling the Operator's contact center by phone +382 68 585 318 or to the email address:, unless otherwise specified in the Partnership Agreement.
3.4. In case of indication of unreliable (inaccurate, false) Registration Data and also in case of untimely change of outdated Registration Data, the Participant independently bears the risk of any negative consequences, related to such false Registration Data, including, but not limited to, exclusion from the Program. 

3.5.By joining the Program, the Participant confirms that he has read these Rules, I agree with their terms and undertakes to comply with them.
3.6.By joining the Program, the Participant also agrees to receive information about the Program according to the Registration data specified by him. 

4. Purchase of kidcoin tokens by Participants 

    .       4.1.  The participant can purchase kidcoin tokens from the Operator of the KIDCOIN educational platform. The operator receives and transfers kidcoin tokens using Technological Accounting tools. 

    .       4.2.  Kidcoin-tokens held by any persons other than the Operator, and not transferred to the Operator for Accrual of kidcoin points are considered not involved in the Program. 

    .       4.3.  The Participant has kidcoin tokens that have not been presented to the Operator, does not entail any rights and/or obligations for the Program Operatorй, arising from the Program, with the exception of the obligation to Accrue kidcoin points. 

5. Getting kidcoin points 

5.1. A prerequisite for a Partner to join the Program is the availability of kidcoin tokens from the Partner in an amount equal to the estimated amount of Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points within 2 (two) weeks from the date of the Partner's joining the Program, as well as the transfer of the Partner's kidcoin tokens to a Technological means of accounting the operator together with the instruction on accrual of kidcoin points, unless otherwise stipulated in the Partnership Agreement. 

5.2.To participate in the Program, the Program Partner receives Kidcoin points in the following way: 

    .       5.2.1.  The Program Partner transfers the purchased kidcoin tokens to the Operator, using a technological means of accounting. 

    .       5.2.2.  By sending kidcoin tokens to the Operator, the Program Partner sends an instruction to the Operator about Accrual of kidcoin points to the Program Partner's Account in the Accounting System. 

    .       5.2.3.  The Operator within 1 (one) calendar day from the date of receipt of the Program from the Partner kidcoin tokens Accrues kidcoin points to the Partner of the Program in the amount of, corresponding to the number of kidcoin tokens received by him from the Program Partner. 

5.3. To participate in the Program, the Buyer receives kidcoin points by transferring purchased kidcoin tokens to the Operator or independently by means of the Program's Accounting System, in the manner described above, or indirectly through the Technological means of accounting of the Program Partner at the moment of receiving Benefits. The buyer is also entitled to receive kidcoin points in the following order described in section 6. 

5.4. The validity period of the kidcoin point is 1 calendar year from the moment of Accrual or Incentive Accrual. 

5.5. The transfer of kidcoin tokens to the Operator is the presentation of the right of claim to the Operator about Accrual of kidcoin points. From the moment the kidcoin points are transferred to the Account, the right of claim is considered realized. 

6. Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points.

6.1. The purpose and general conditions of the Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points.
6.1.1. Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points is carried out as a measure to encourage Buyers and also to assess their loyalty. 

6.1.2. The Program Partner provides Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points to the Buyer exclusively on condition that the Buyer purchases the Goods of this Program Partner on the KIDCOIN platform. 

6.1.3.Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points is made to the Buyer's Account providing the purchase of the Goods of the Program Partners and identification of the Participant in the Program. 

6.2. Calculation of kidcoin points subject to Incentive Accrual.
6.2.1. The amount of kidcoin points subject to Incentive Accrual is determined by the Program Partner in accordance with its own marketing policy Partner within the number of kidcoin points located in the Account of such a Program Partner, subject to the restrictions listed below.
6.2.2. For Goods in respect of which the Buyer has deducted kidcoin points, Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points is not carried out.
6.2.3.The Partner undertakes to publish or otherwise ensure the free acquaintance of the Buyer with the provisions of its own marketing policy. The Program Operator is not responsible for any negative legal consequences arising in connection with the Partner's violation of the specified obligation. 

6.2.4. Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points is carried out no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the day of Purchase by the Buyer. 

6.2.5. The Program Operator has the right to carry out Incentive Accrual of kidcoin points after making a Purchase using a receipt confirming the purchase of goods from a Program Partner through an educational platform. 

7. Write-off of kidcoin points of Buyers̆ 

7.1. Any A buyer with kidcoin points can get an Advantage from a Program Partner. 

7.2.Taking part in this The program, the Buyer is aware of that the Program Partner reserves the right to limit the provision of Benefits to Buyers and has the right not to accept the Buyer's kidcoin points when the Buyer purchases Goods from the Program Partner. The presence of kidcoin points at the Buyer in itself is not a guarantee of the availability of Benefits. A Buyer with kidcoin points cannot get an Advantage from a Program Partner if the Program Partner has set restrictions on providing Advantages to Buyers. 

7.3. If the Partner of the Program provides Advantages to the Buyer, the Buyer receives an Advantage by Debiting the kidcoin points available to him from his Account. 

7.4.In the case of Deducting kidcoin points, the size of the Advantage is proportional to the number of kidcoin points that the Buyer intends to transfer from his Account, and is calculated as follows: 

N * Х = S, гдеN – the number of kidcoin points for which the Buyer intends to carry out 

Deducting kidcoin points from your Account;
X – the ratio of the kidcoin token to the euro at the time of Purchase; S – the size of the Advantage (in euros). 

    .       7.5.  The total size of the Advantage cannot be 100% of the Product Price. The price of the Product, taking into account the Advantage, cannot be less than 1 (one) euro. 

    .       7.6.  Kidcoin points are debited as follows:
7.6.1. The Buyer informs the Program Partner of his intention 
make a write-off when making a future Purchases. The Buyer also informs the Program Partner of the number of kidcoin points, which the Buyer intends to transfer from his Account; 

    .       7.6.2.  The Partner informs the Buyer of the maximum possible size 
Benefits in euros, percentages or kidcoin points; 

    .       7.6.3.  If the Buyer agrees to Debit kidcoin points on the terms received from the Partner, The Buyer confirms the write-down; 

    .       7.6.4.  Write-down of kidcoin points carried out from the Buyer's Account by the Operator at the time of Purchase; 

7.6.5. The Partner of the Program reduces the Price of Goods payable by the Buyer by the amount of the Advantage. 

8.  Informing the Buyer by the Operator

    .       8.1.  The Operator is obliged to provide the Buyer with: 

                .       8.1.1.  information about the number of available kidcoin points at any given time; 

                .       8.1.2.  information about the number of available kidcoin tokens at any given time; 

                .       8.1.3.  information about the ratio of the kidcoin token to the Ruble;

    .       8.1.4.Information about the Partner's participation in the Program, opportunities 
incentive Accrual and Write-off of kidcoin points. 

    .       8.2.  Information is available at any time at the request of the Buyer by the method, specified on the Program's Website. 

9. Additional Partner features in the Program 

    .       9.1.  The Program Partner also has the right to: 

                .       9.1.1.  create special rules (promotions) to increase the effectiveness of your participation in the Program; 

                .       9.1.2.  inform Customers about promotions and additional features; 

    .       9.1.3.Receive analytical reports on the work of the Program and depersonalized 
marketing data. 

    .       9.2.  The terms of such analytical information are determined by an additional agreement to the Partnership Agreement. 

10.  Inadmissibility of kidkoin conversion.

10.1. By participating in the Program, Participants realize that kidcoin points cannot be converted by the Operator into kidcoin tokens.

11. Program Action 

11.1. The Program comes into force from the moment these Rules are published on the Program's Website. 

11.2. The Operator, acting in good faith, reserves the right to make changes and/or additions to these Rules at any time, when such changes and/or additions will be appropriate in the opinion of the Operator. 

11.3. All changes and/or additions made and these Rules they are published on the Program's Website and come into force from the moment they are published on the Program's Website. 

11.4. The program is valid for an indefinite period. The Operator, acting in good faith, reserves the right at any time terminate and/or replace the Program with another program. ̆

11.5. Termination of the Program by the Operator it is carried out by sending a corresponding notification to all Participants for Registration data 3 months before the expected date of termination of the Program. 

11.6. The action of the Program for the Participant begins from the moment of Registration and is terminated from the moment of termination of participation in the Program on the initiative of the Participant or from the moment of termination by the Operator of this Programs, unless other conditions are stipulated in the Partnership Agreement. 

11.7. The Buyer has the right to terminate participation in the Program by writing to the Operator. In case of termination of participation in the Program, the Buyer loses all kidcoin points that are on his Account. 

11.8. Procedure for termination of participation in the Program by the Partner of the Program, as well as the procedure for returning funds transferred by the Participant to the Operator for the purposes of Acquisition of kidcoin tokens, regulated by the Partnership Agreement. 

12. Rights and obligations of the parties.
12.1. The Operator assumes obligations: 

12.1.1. Connect a Participant to the Kidcoin Loyalty Program when the conditions for joining the Program are met (clause 3.1.) 

12.1.2. To provide Participants with the opportunity to use all the features and benefits of the Loyalty Program. 

12.1.3. Provide information support to Participants. 

12.1.4. Add kidcoin points to the Loyalty Program Participants' Account in accordance with the Loyalty Program Rules. 

12.2. The participant assumes obligations: 

12.2.1. Follow the Rules of the Loyalty Program. 

12.2.2. Exercise your rights as a Participant to participate in the Loyalty Program. 

12.2.3. Contact the Operator if you have any questions about the Loyalty Program. 

12.2.4. The Participant-an individual agrees to the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy provided on the Operator's website at:

13. Responsibility of the parties. 

13.1. For violation of the terms of the contract, the Parties are responsible in accordance with the legislation of Montenegro. 

13.2. All disputes arising during the execution of the contract are resolved in a pre-trial claim procedure. The deadline for responding to the claim is 30 days. 

13.3. If the dispute cannot be resolved in a pre-trial claim procedure, it is submitted to the court for consideration. 

14. Other conditions 

14.1.  These Rules are governed by the legislation of Montenegro.

14.2. If any provisions of these Rules become invalid in whole or in part, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. The Operator undertakes to replace the invalid, incomplete or missing position by position, which reflects the Operator's intentions as accurately as possible.